Make Their High School Dance or Pep Rally Event One To Remember!

What is the most crucial element to any high school event? The Music! Selecting the right sound or music for any event venue will depend on numerous factors. The size and design of your venue could reflect the kind of music you want to play on your special occasion. Choosing music for your outdoor event is often a different process than selecting music for your indoor activities. Other crucial elements you need to consider are discussed below along with the advantages of hiring Royal Lewis Music Services as your High School Dance DJ to handle your next event in NC or Virginia.

Understand The Event and Its Requirements

Graduations, weddings and anniversary parties require different kinds of music. Wedding and anniversary events may require more romantic tracks while graduation events may need fun and energetic tracks to get everyone socializing. You can provide us with a playlist and we can build on it or you can give us genres and we can go from there. In most cases, the clients will tell us to use our experience of what has worked in the past for a similar event. No matter which way we do it, the music will be spot on!

Be precise on your “Do Not Play” list

As a high school event organizer, you should be very specific about the kind of music you do not want to hear during your event. Not every song may be appropriate for the target group. Hence, the DJ should be able to evaluate the kind of songs which will make your event a memorable one.

Less Stress

This is one of the the most significant advantages of hiring a professional DJ for your event. Deciding to plug your iPhone into a speaker and select a playlist could divide your attention when it should be somewhere else. Your occasion could be extraordinary, and you should not be worrying about going through songs to select the right songs for your guests. Hence it will be the job of your potential DJ to keep the guests engaged in the music without you having to worry, and keeping your attention on the important factors of the event.

Quality Equipment And Great Equipment Experience

A professional DJ will have the ability to blend tracks and move from one genre to the next. Using high end equipment can help avoid any technical issues that could arise during the event. Here at Royal Lewis Music Services, we also have backup gear on site, so if something was to go wrong we have spare equipment on site to keep the event rolling.

Interaction with guests and clients

The way a High School Dance DJ interacts with the audience or even the client matters a lot. A professional DJ will do more than just playing the requested music. The interaction of the DJ with the crowd can cause an everlasting memory among the guests. The DJ should understand the room atmosphere. This shows that they can understand the mood of that event and know what songs to bring up and give a high energy to the crowd, provide great requested tracks, and slow things down if necessary.

Non-stop entertainment and extensive music collection

Hiring a band may sound likes a great option for your event. However, bands need breaks, but High School Dance DJ’s do not. The momentum of your event will be alive throughout the occasion and consistency in the desired way. Our DJ also has a comprehensive collection of music in different genres. This gives your guests limitless options when it comes to any given crowd taste. A great High School Dance DJ can offer everything from classic hits to the latest hits. Everyone will have something to enjoy in that event.