Make Your Wedding Day One To Remember!

If you want to have a great wedding, it’s important to find a DJ that works for you, and no two Wedding DJs are the same. From the right lighting and speakers, to how the DJ makes announcements, the personality of your Wedding DJ matters when it comes to your big day!

Wedding DJ Services Brings the Party to Life

Nothing is worse than a wedding where no one is having much fun. As an experienced DJ, Royal Lewis can get people out on the dance floor! Maybe they have some party games to try out, or some tried and true music, either way a good DJ Company is going to get the party started. Talk with us about how we get people out dancing to provide that perfect atmosphere you want at your wedding reception.

Choose Your Wedding Day Songs

No matter what you want us to play at your wedding reception, we can find it. We will work closely with you to come up with a playlist that makes sense. We can help you choose songs to be played while everyone is enjoying dinner and the all-important first dance. Our Wedding DJ Services give you peace of mind that each song you want played is going to be ready to go, at the exact moment you planned for.

Announcing the Wedding Party

A DJ Company should also be prepared to announce the Bridal Party as you arrive to the wedding reception. Speak with us about how you want to be announced. Do you want loud and vibrant? Are you entering the hall to elegant music? While this is only a few minutes of your wedding day, Professional Wedding DJ Services can really make the difference between a mediocre entrance and an exceptional one.

Back Lighting and Dance Floor Lights

Talk with us to learn more about backlighting options and lights for the dance floor for your wedding day. No matter what your theme, backlighting can be used to enhance the overall atmosphere. When guests are out on the dance floor, we have choices when it comes to the lighting we use. If you want a party atmosphere, we can provide one. If you want a more elegant and understated dance floor, we can provide those services too.

Scheduling Of the Event

Professional Wedding DJ Services are essential to keeping your wedding day on schedule. From announcements, to the first dance, to cutting the cake. When you hire an experienced DJ Company, your wedding day runs smoothly. Make sure to speak with us about the schedule of the day. While times may shift a bit, we understand that they are a big part of keeping the day running on schedule. When we’re prepared with your schedule, we can keep activities moving along at a pace that you've envisioned.

As you meet with different vendors for your wedding day, we are ready to answer all of your questions. Our skilled DJ has years of experience working at weddings and we know what it takes to make your big day special. We understand that solid preparation is the key to a successful wedding reception, and we arrive at your event ready to go.